The Good And The Bad: An Honest iPage Review

When it comes to having an online identity nowadays, it may seem as if having a Facebook, Twitter, Google + presence is enough. If you're really all about social media, you may add Foursquare, Plurk, hi5, among other social media profiles to your portfolio, as well. If you're into keeping a good professional image, then maybe you have a LinkedIn account as well. However, nothing seals one's online identity than a good blog, on a good domain, and on a good hosting. As far as the iPage review posts say, iPage Hosting is a good place to start.


According to iPage review posts, iPage Hosting has these crucial features:


1. Wordpress website support. Wordpress is probably the most important content management platform nowadays. It has elevated the blog into a respectable website form, and in fact, even companies and individuals that are working on creating supersites have their websites powered with Wordpress nowadays. As a web host, iPage is fully compatible with the latest versions of Wordpress, and a user can quickly install Wordpress via thair iPage menu. A full website can be built within hours on an iPage Hosting account.


2. Comprehensive tutorials. For people who want to get started with their own websites but have no money to spare for expensive web designers, iPage has already thoughtfully provided a hub of tutorials for this demographic. Even the most inexperienced web newbie will be able to set up a full-featured Wordpress website, thanks to iPage's many tutorials. If you don't have the budget to spare for a web designer, but the time to put into learning how to install, set up and use Wordpress, then iPage would be the best place to start. According to the many iPage review posts online, iPage lets beginners set up their own websites. Just have the time and patience to sit through the tutorial videos, and you'll be all set.

ipage review
ipage review

3. e-Commerce Support. e-Commerce is all the rage nowadays: maybe you know somebody who has an Etsy store. Or your neighbor has actually lived on eBay buying and selling transactions and has been raving about it. Or you're THAT somebody who has experienced considerable success on Etsy, eBay, or any other e-Commerce platform, and you're thinking that it's time to move to your own website for your online sales transactions. If you're not sure about getting those web hosting plans that cost up to as much as $10 a month, then, iPage may be the solution for you. According to iPage review posts, an iPage account could go for as low as only $1.99 a month: a far cry from $10 a month for other web hosts. So if you're just starting and you're not keen on risking so much for a fledgling venture, iPage web hosting could be the best solution for you.


If you're already used to using web hosting accounts, you could be dumbfounded why iPage web hosting costs so little, compared to mainstream web hosts. There must be a catch somewhere, right?


Well, according to some iPage review articles, iPage's support leaves much to be desired. But if you could live with email support, it has been said that iPage's email support is excellent, while its chat support is a veritable headache. If you're an advanced user and you don't really need technical support, then iPage is bound to be the most affordable, most cost-effective solution for you.


The iPage review articles that abound are unanimous in their conclusion: iPage is a great basic web hosting and web building option. As long as you can live with email support instead of chat support, then you'd be all set to building your iPage-based website.

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