All About Web Hosting plans

What is web hosting?

Web hosting, also known as internet hosting, is a service that offers any individual person or an organisation or a company to access their website through WWW or the World Wide Web. The companies which provide space for those websites, on a server, that is leased for use or owned by clients, and which also provides connectivity over the internet, is known as web hosting companies. To choose the right web hosting plans is an important task, for which we must at first know, a little about web hosting.


Why do you need web hosting companies?

The web hosting companies are machines that provide power to your website.

In other words, they are house which store data and applications so that accessing your website becomes easy. To respond to our various needs like logging in for 24*7 all the information of financial sphere for a particular financial website, or letting us download and upload images and videos etc. Whatever our needs are, these hosting companies serve as partners to configure answers to our needs.


Advantages of web hosting:

  • Web hosting is a very affordable service
  • This is one of the most reliable services
  • Web hosting is an eco-friendly service
  • The web hosting companies provide absolute support to the clients.
web hosting plans
web hosting plans

Types of web hosting services:

There are various types of web hosting services. It can be either a single page web hosting, as used for personal websites or it can be complex database support. Some web hosting companies also provide software services that are used by big companies which specialize in outsourcing network infrastructure.

1) Web hosting services for free:

These are limited services in comparison with paid services and are often run by the support of advertisements.

2) Dedicated web hosting service:

In this kind of service, the clients get a web server of their own but they do not own it. In this type of web hosting, the client will be the administrator and the company will have no responsibility of the service. In terms of expenditure, it is   the lowest one.

3) Colocation web hosting:

The most expensive and power web hosting is this service where the company provides space and responsibility of the server.

The other web hosting services are cloud web hosting, grid web hosting, cluster web hosting, virtual dedicated web hosting etc.

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